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About us

Daisy & Mallow is a botanical apothecary offering handcrafted natural and organic skincare, body care and teas. Inspired by nature and the changing of the seasons, products are handcrafted in a small studio by Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, N.Ireland.   

The botanical name for Mallow (Marshmallow) comes from a Greek word ‘altho’ meaning ‘to heal’. Rich in healing mucilages which soothe and soften the skin, Mallow has been used both in skincare preparations and medicinally since ancient Egyptian times.

Daisy flowers - also referred to as ‘day’s eye’ - open only in sunshine and tuck their heads away as dusk falls. In Elizabethan times, daisies were often used in ointments along with Mallow to treat irritated skin and also as a cleansing remedy for skin conditions.

Daisy & Mallow products are designed to harness the functional properties of plants, to simplify skincare and are crafted by hand. Care is taken to reduce unnecessary packaging and recyclable containers are used where possible.

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